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Just Tony
This one came up a while back, and I never got around to discuss it with the board. Someone was whining that there was no "allies" rule in 6th as a reason that they hated the edition, and why 5th was best. Now, there have been a few guideline type rules, Legendary Battles in 7th had a chart if memory serves. However, I was thinking of brainstorming with the people here to see if there was an idea that might be good enough to suggest for house rules on this site.

Well, here's my take:

Parent force/supplemental force. My idea is for the parent force being 3/4 of the total points, with the supplemental force being 1/4 of the total points. I'd also add a different FOC for the supplemental force, basically subtracting 1 from the <2,000 FOC. I'm on the fence if the parent force should get the perks of a 2,000 point army, as they are already getting the benefits of another army list. I'd also love to make an ally chart, but it'd probably be loosely based off of Legendary Battles.

Any thoughts from someone else?
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Personally I've never seen the need for a centralised set of allies rules. It always struck me as the sort of thing that people could easily just work out for themselves.

Given the scaling FOC that 6th and 7th use, perhaps a solution could be to tie the allies rules into that? So for every X slots a player gets at a certain points value, they also get Y slots for allies? Or possibly can use Y slots out of the X they get at a given points value for allies?
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Just Tony
But at the same time, if you don't establish it as its own force, where do you regulate what can/must be taken? If you were going to run two 1,000 point forces against my 2,000 point army, how would you do it? Simply build two forces up, with the mandatory 2 Core for each force, mandatory generals for both sides, then fill up from there? Then you have a force that could have 6 wizards at 2,000 points. Right there lies the problem. That's why a chart would work best, especially if you limit it to: at 500pts 2 characters max, 1+ Core, 2 Special, 0 Rare. That right there is a good set up. Not only that,but that could also be the set up for 500 pt games.
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The General's Compendium has a chapter on allies.(allies and Multi-player games actually) I would admit that it is generally considered to be for larger games as each faction must be legal, so that would be a minimum of 2000 per side.
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Just Tony
And that's what I mean. ANYONE can simply make two armies and run them simultaneously, but I'm looking for something more explicitly "allies". I mean, I guess there's always adding factions to Dogs of War, but that seems like an easy out.
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Condottiero Magno
The same issue with the Kislev contingent had rules for allies, IIRC.
Just Tony
I just reread it, it applies solely to Kislev forces, but it is still a good basis. The ones from 7th aren't that bad, may give them a reread...
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Could always do the Hordes of Chaos thing, allies Count as 1 higher rarity, so if you want an allied core unit it counts as a specialunit, if you want an allied special unit it counts as a rare unit & you cant ally rare units from other armies!
Just Tony
Seems the cleanest way of doing it, and I guess the main crux is figuring out which army is the parent army and whether or not you are forced to run core from the allied army. It'd seem crappy to do allies simply to get the Lord choice and some Special blender unit.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Well I would propose that the allies would use the normal rules for characters so unless you have 2000 pts of allies you wouldnīt be able to use a lord. Not sure whether a core unit should be used or not to unlock a special unit, but seeing as even a special unit would Count as a rare unit I donīt see it as a big issue.
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