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Spears/pikes upgrade
One thing Iīve seen a lot of people complain about in 6:th & 7:th edition of warhammer is that cavalry was too good, while I donīt generally agree, as they had an uphill struggle unless joined by a character or being Khorne chosen Knights, we implemented a small house-rule for our current games of 6:th edition.

If cavalry or monstrous infantry charges a unit (on foot, to the front), which is armed with either Spears or pikes, then the chargers doesnīt gain any strength bonuses from non-magical equipment in the first round of combat.

What this means is that cavalry will really struggle against spear & pike armed units to inflict more wounds than their basic combat resolution of +4 (ranks & outnumber), it also means that units armed with handweapon & shield isnīt automatically the best defensive option (parry rule).

So far this has worked really well for us, however we only use the Ravening Hordes lists, so the only 2 attack cavalry is Chaos Knights, but even they struggle against basic Empire spearmen (unless joined by a character or getting a flank charge) under these rules.

It also rewards a player for charging from the flank or rear with his cavalry, which it should imo.
Just Tony
I can be on board with this one. It's a sticky wicket when nerfing something or buffing something that you swing the pendulum too far the other way, with this rule it feels about right.

EDIT: After some thought while machining some bearing caps, I realized that the pikes have tons of anti-cav rules as it is, no need to amp them any more. The spears, however, I'm on board with.

Ohhhhhhhh, here's an idea: an official site House Rules sticky. Once we come up with a house rule for 6th/5th/whatever, sticky up the House Rules post and update it with each rather clever addition we come up with.
Edited by Just Tony on 19-08-2015 16:40
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