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Battle report: 1500pts Tomb Kings vs Chaos Dwarves 6th
Fixed the Registratin Problems
NewsSo I think that I fixed the registration problems with people who needed to verify their email in that you don't need to verify your email anymore. Until this becomes a problem, I plan on keeping that as the standard. I also deleted the database for all new users.

If you are still waiting on your email to arrive, don't hold your breath. I recommend that you register once again as all of your old data is now gone from the database. My biggest worry is if I need to reinstate the email system will the database still collect data for new users as that whole part of the database was deleted.
Welcome everyone
NewsSo the paint is still wet on this website and I am still getting all of the things put together as I want them on this Portal. But for the most part, this website is operational. I still have a few more things that I will need to do on it such as add a few more forums, create a gallery, and I was thinking about a place for a blog.

I am not too sure about the blog just now, as I may want to have that separate to this portal. I don't want to have too much content to overload my space requirements, and for the most part the blog will function more or less as a news source. Why have a news section as well as a blog then?

Needless to say this site may go through a few more changes.


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